Very quiet in spanish

Ella está muy callada. where to get real flower petals for weddingSu ubicación es bastante céntrica, en una zona muy tranquila. easy quit drinking app

apacible adj. raoulwallenberg. . .

Say "guarda silencio" to politely tell someone to "be quiet.



(The child is quiet.

" This Spanish phrase is perhaps closest to the English phrase "be quiet," and it's used in similar circumstances.


Over 100,000 Spanish translations of English words and phrases. . . Spanish words for quiet include tranquilo, tranquilidad, silencioso, silencio, reservado, callado, sosiego, reposo, privado and sencillo.

com. mantener muy en secreto. Translation for 'very quiet' in the free English-Spanish dictionary and many other Spanish translations.

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(stop talking, not speak) callarse ⇒ v prnl.

Translation for 'a very quiet' in the free English-Spanish dictionary and many other Spanish translations. calma - calm, quiet.

tranquilo. Yo tengo que caminar por el edificio y asegurarme de que todos se hayan ido antes de cerrar por las noches.


5K. quiet n (lack of noise) silencio nm : The quiet in the library was relaxing.

callar callarse cállate estar tranquilo estar en silencio estar callado estar callados estar tranquilos ser tranquilo estar callada estar tranquila estar quieto.



com/beatrix. Once they started drawing with their crayons, the children were very quiet. 1 (=extremely) muy. .

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Beatrix Potter's famous tales are rooted in stories told by enslaved Africans – but she was very quiet about their origins https://theconversation.

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net. . En cuanto les dieron lápices para dibujar, los niños se callaron. Translate It was very quiet.